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Mission Statement

Refuge1 believes in equal opportunity and freedom for all, standing on diversity and equality. We believe that this freedom was bought with a Price, one sacrifice, not with the blood of goats, rams, or a releasing of doves, but with the blood that Jesus Christ himself shed, one sacrifice, once and for all. We believe that not one human among us is a surprise to God, nor anything that is and will be done by each and everyone of us.
We believe in the Holy Trinity
being made up of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
We believe at Refuge1 that we are all a wounded people and there are none holy among us, no not one.
And, that the sacrifice made by Jesus was for the remission of sins to cover all. We will be judged by what is in our hearts, thanks to Jesus Christ.
Therefore we believe that it is necessary to provide aid in areas that enforce bondages, such as Human trafficking, Abuse of any kind or Bondage of any kind. Anything that goes against the oracles of God saying we were bought with a price covered, with his blood, the freedom for each individual, that no human has right too put reigns on to control. Refuge1 is a Section that operates for the greater good.
Love, Loves.
And is not puffed up.
We believe
that it is God that Changes the hearts of another
Therefore, we are
 not here to try and change another.
We are here for Impact, in Jesus Name.

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