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Excuse Me Jesus While I Fall

Excuse Me Jesus While I Fall

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As a believer, it's hard sometimes to be humble, to walk in love. That's not to say we don't try. It is to say that when we fall-often we have to excuse ourselves from what we believe to be a sin because we fall short. I on the other hand, believe that Christ knew that we were going to fall the moment the day and the hour, the minute, the second and, over 2000 years ago, covered that fall that we make, made, haven't made yet-with his blood. This book is designed to help you move forward after you fall, during your fall and for the fall that has not happened yet and bet there will be another, as we will fall daily-we just have to keep it moving in the right direction is all or try to. The key is not allowing the fall to rule you, hinder you with guilt about being human after all. God Bless you as you read

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