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Fenugreek Seed Tea Box  Five Bags per Box

Fenugreek Seed Tea Box Five Bags per Box

100 % Fenugreek Seed Tea Bags

Fenugreek is native to the Mediterranean, Europe, and Asia. Fenugreek seems to slow sugar absorption in the stomach and stimulate insulin. Both of these effects lower blood sugar in people with diabetes. Fenugreek might also improve levels of testosterone and estrogen, helping to improve interest in sex. Healthy fenugreek seed tea can be prepared any time of the day. Because fenugreek seeds are strongly flavored, I chose to prepare my tea with black tea. You can, however, use green, oolong, or white tea as well. Try to not skip the tea leaves, the fenugreek seeds by themselves are strongly flavored.

 Total Time: 7 minutes

 Prep Time: 2 minutes

 Cook Time: 5 minutes

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