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Raw Frankincense Bag. 1 oz.

Raw Frankincense Bag. 1 oz.

There are various ways you can use frankincense resin, including infusing your water with it and chewing and ingesting it.

Can you eat raw frankincense?

It can be edible and may be chewed like gum, Frankincense derives from plants that grow in the Middle East and Africa. Frankincense Tea

3 cups of water bring to a rolling boil.  Add crushed to a powder Frankincense 1 Tablespoon and 1/2 stir to ensure that the Frankincense has pretty much dissolved. You can also chew it like gum, put three to four pieces in your mouth, and chew until all of the flavor is gone out. And the gum can now be used like glue to seal little cracks and anything that requires a sticky substance, it drys hard. Do not Swallow the gum.

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