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I was Told That I would be on Medications for the Rest of my life

2022 Still Medication Free

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My Testimony: Image

My Testimony 

With Jesus All Things Are Possible

Being attacked in my health in 2016 And trusting the Doctors. Not really given a choice, because upon entering the Urgent Care-The front desk Medical Assistant looked at me and stood to her feet, motioning for someone to come to the front desk, she knew I was in a bad way. I had only taken my Insurance Card, ID, and driver’s License, I had tucked them inside my undergarment. I took it out to hand my information to the Medical assistant. I never made it passed the nurse's desk. I woke up in ER. My blood pressure was 240 over 190 and climbing my head was on fire. 18 hours later I am stable to go home and I was to see my primary caregiving that next day so that she could alter the medications or change them or whatever. I never made it. 5 am, An ambulance was at my home to pick me up. My husband called, he said that I was babbling and my blood pressure had risen again. My head was on fire, all I could do was hit myself in the head to try and stopped the burning, and I was in a panic making it worse because I saw my children as they stood covering their mouths, tears running down their faces and my husband. I can’t describe the fear on his face. That’s when a Female Parametric grabbed my hand and said. Regina, you have to calm down you can do this. Control your breathing and take control God is not going to allow anything to happen to you. I did as she said as I looked around, it seemed like everything was rewinding like my life had hit a rewind switch. I begin to see how much of my life I had missed out on. I heard the Female Paramedic say 240 over 183, and rising we got to get her out of here now! That is the last thing I heard the paramedic say. I woke in ER, in a room with walls covered by curtains that covered equipment on the walls, I lay on a portable bed in the middle of all of this equipment within the walls of this room. The floors were granite and the was a drain under my bed. This room was designed to operate on a body and then wash away any mess. The Doctor stood at the door and his two assistants came and stood one on one side of me and the other, on the other side of me. The One on my left took my hand and prayed with me, I couldn’t hear what she was saying but I just knew she was praying I could feel it. The other bowed in agreement to what she was praying. I watched the Doctor that stood in the door, he just looked at me and his two assistants. The One on the right rubbed my forehead and said do not be afraid. I looked up at him then at her on my left then at the Doctor that stood at the door. Another Doctor came in with an assistant. I watched as the Doctor that stood in the doorway, his assistant on my left, and one on my right, walked away, to exit the room with the doctor that stood at the door. The Other doctor and his assistant approached me. The doctor introduced himself and his assistant. I began to point and ask about the doctor at the door and his assistants. But the Doctor looked at his assistant and said her blood pressure is rising, as the assistant explained to me that no one had been in that room besides them. The Doctor said she’s delusional, we have to bring her blood pressure down. I closed my eyes and recalled what had happened, I know what I saw, I was not delusional and I was not about to fight the doctor about it. I was not going to try and convince anyone because that was for me to let me know, that God is with me. I calmed myself down in the name of Jesus because this Doctor had control over me and could call all of the shots. I closed my eyes and thought of my encounter with the first Doctor and his two assistants. I heard the doctor say that’s more like it as I lay there with my eyes closed, asleep or not I could not tell. I know hours had passed as I came to, hearing a voice saying Mrs. Sanford, Mrs. Sanford over and over until my vision came into view. The assistant said Mrs. Sanford, we are moving you to another room now that we have you stable and your family will be able to see you in about an hour once we get you settled. I could only nod my head That seemed like it weighed a ton. But I was alive, with no open heart surgery, no stroke, no heart attack, very sore and stiff, and joint pain like crazy and it stayed that way for almost a month. I was bedridden for two months. My husband stayed by my side. My family became stronger and pooled in to maintain the ship because the Captain was down. A proud moment indeed. No One had to be told what to do or when it needed to be done. Everyone worked to get it down and ensure my recovery was a successful one. Now Home and recovering. My husband would bathe and the get fully dressed. My husband sat at the kitchen table fully dressed. I woke at midnight to find him sitting there because he didn’t know if I would make it through each night. Full of medications. And prescribe every medication they used to temporarily place me back together again, is what they prescribed to me to help bring my Hypertension and Active Thyroid which had to have a scan later down the road. Where they would go in and do a Biopsy and remove my thyroid because that is what is causing all my problems or thats what they told me and i wasn'thaving it!. I couldn’t tell, what was causing the problems, but I knew that these medications were causing me more problems. Researching everything now, I found out that the medications were prescribed according to weight. Saying if I weighed anymore I'd be taking a higher dosage to handle my greatness. And as you can tell by the pictures on my website and in my book, I was very plump. 183 pounds on a small 5 feet 2inch frame. Left me bowlegged, sad but true. I began to lose weight quickly. I had taken these medications for 10 months. Five months in, I refused to take anything but the metoprolol. The doctor insisted that I continued and even said my HBP was at dangerous levels and I need to at least keep taking the metoprolol or lose a lot of weight. I had a very abrasive talk with the Doctor, I was a disobedient patient, but even the metoprolol had to go. Though I did continue taking the meds for a year. That visit was conveyed to the doctor through his nurse in June 2017 over the Phone. I Called in and spoke to the nurse, she took my questions to the Doctor and delivered the answers back to me- it took a couple of days to get an answer. But in the meantime the medication is coming in every three months Walgreens, your prescribe is ready. I must hear it from a Doctor, to conclude my own findings in order to wean myself off of these medications in Jesus' Name and to confirm My question “is the dosage prescribed to me based on my weight? And, it was confirmed. The more weight that I lost, the less of the pill I had to take. Going from a whole pill to one half of the pill. Then, I researched the dosage again after losing more weight. And was able to cut the pill down to 1/5-I lost more weight and cut the 1/5 to 1/8 Because of this Program, the Seven Day Detox Program. I was able to maintain my blood pressure and thyroid issues just as Jesus said on my seven-day Sabbatical with Jesus. And when I do fall short, from an uncontrolled emotional day because a bad thought from the enemy gets in, you know that little piece of stress and there I am eating, cheesecake in the frig, and wine chilling. But that’s okay because the live food roadmap in this Seven Day Detox Program will allow room for our inconsistency. I am medications free 2022, after taking my last medication, in September 2017. I indeed, with the advice Jesus gave me that’s been put in the tablet book. By the time I went to my doctor's visit on Oct 11, 2017 for the follow-up I looked so healthy, that the Doctor didn't recognize me. I had lost over 40 pounds and a long with keeping a journal of my research done to recipes which are in this table, I also kept a journal of the side effects of the medication and proof of what the medications did to my hair, nail, and toenails. There were still tell, tell signs though, when I pointed them out to the doctor, at first he complimented me, because I was, after all, half the woman I use to be-he glorified the medications as I took my shoes off and put my purse down, and mounted the examination table. The Doctor wheeled his chair over close to me, and as he did, I opened the journal and spoke. Telling him all that Jesus did for me. He was flabbergasted. And even took notes, then he asked me if I would take a seat over by his computer as he logged the side effects to go with the already existing side effects in that log, then, officially stopped all medications, The Doctor was amazed. Jesus had already helped me during those 10 months following my attack on September 13th, 2016. Jesus told me to research foods- the side effects of each medication, then research what each medication is supposed to treat- then research a natural plant, herb, fruit, vegetables, and roots, to replace synthetic for life. I did everything that was spoken to me. upon finding out about each of the medications, my first question was, how long will the meds stay in my system? I could taste and smell the medications inside of me. The answer for each Atenolol-methimazole -Amlodipine and Metoprolol I had taken during those 10 months and each one would stay in my system from 26 to 36 hours per pill, starting them September 13th, 2016, and being delivered from them Starting June 11th, 2017 to September 14th, 2017 my follow-up appointment would be October 11, 2017, that would give me five months to enter my lifestyle change. The first month was horrible. The medications were making me sicker. Emotional is the only word I can use to describe these feelings, coupled with depression and nausea and that was on a good day. Seven Days I got before Jesus. A seven-day Sabbatical. Because I know Jesus had an answer for everything and I was going to get before Jesus, and that’s what it took to birth the Seven Day Detox Program. Jesus told me to consider the intake. For what we put in matters. That, putting in dead, will yield dead, however, putting in life will yield life. Understanding the process Jesus told me. Nutrients are in live food. But to continuously eat dead, causing an already frail area to work overtime processing dead matter will cause a breach in the hull. Give life to live. Detoxification is needed in order to cleanse Jesus said boldly. What Jesus gave to me, I put in this Tablet. You may add or change it to make it your own. Reach out to me for questions and Support-Remembering the Seven-day mark, is an Anchor. If you can't make it the full Seven days. Don't stress. You simply pick up where you left off, forfeiting your eat anything you want day, I am betting you will make it to that day though. Because you will feel great. And your body will know and show its gratitude. On the first page of the tablet is a goal chart fill it out and simply begin your lifestyle change. You may say, where will I get my protein to satisfy the amount that I should have daily? Mine is 53 grams. You can find a protein calculator online and there's a protein exchange page to help with choices. On one of the given days, meat is added to your Seven Day Detox Program, though only eight oz., which is the size of a Dec of cards. Start melting those pounds off, because you can. And it will not take long, as you can see me. The seven Day Detox Program is my go-to for detoxing even today. Seven-Day Detox Program Pick up a copy today you can find it on Amazon Live Your Best Life Now 62 years Young I am. 2022 I'm still medication free

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