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Refuge1 Community Outreach
Fighting Against
Domestic Violence
Human Trafficking
Crimes Against Nature
With Our Programs

that provides aids
and resources to
Battered and Abused
women and men
with Children.

Refuge1 aids the abandoned youths and those going from teen years into young adult years.
Did you know that, the abandonment of infants and children includes leaving them alone unsupervised, not providing adequate food 
clothing, housing and emotional care
by that
I mean left out on the streets

or left at the hospitals by their parent or parents 
It is estimated that more than 7,000 children are abandoned each year,
left at the hospitals

that's not counting those that are forced out of their homes or left on the streets alone!
But they are not left alone, God sees them
and it was put on the heart of many to mandate aid
Refuge1 being part of them
Since 1998, states began developing Safe Haven laws Entity’s for such a time as this
Refuge1 will forever expand our territories to make even greater Impact throughout our communities
Want to help
donate to our building fund
that we may expand to house and aid even more. 

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Bubbles of Love

Refuge1s' Bubbles Of Love is a Community Service. Holistic Approach. Our Outreach programs allow those that cannot afford personal products to have them. An application process is provided to everyone that applies for Bubbles Of Love Aid. Click on the Registration Button Below. NPO Public Charities that are interested in Bubbles Of Love and would like to provide products to your missions, aiding our Homeless Community,

please register below and tell us about your NPO Mission

and how we can serve you.

Support Refuge1 by clicking on the Donation Tap below.

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For our programs
and tell us
what you are interested in
by leaving a detailed message.

We are all a wounded people

We are Stronger Together

Live Your Best Life Now

Thanks for submitting!

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