Allow Change


Not Being Concerned

Change your mind about someone or something.


Helping Yourself


How you look at it


Can You See Jesus?




Come Out Of The Past


Be Still


It Doesn't Say, in Heaven as It is on Earth!


You must be Born Again

Living The Word Of God


Taming the Tongue 

Grace, think before you speak!


Recognizing the voice of Condemnation

Do not fall for it!


Remember who you once were, we are appointed to speak grace not Condemnations


The answer for-Guilt and Condemnation

Adoration-Psalm 68:35

Confession-1 John 1:9

Thanksgiving-Psalm 69:30

Supplication-Philippians 4:6

Do Not Judge yourself  




And Threatening

Ephesians 6: 5~18 


Unstable Foundation 


Contentious is It a Character or a Spirit? 


Remember who you once were!

We are saved by Grace.


Freedom To Evict Fear


Hidden Beneath The Suffice


Things are never what it seems