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Renita Morton


Heathers Ganser
Avian Morningstar

very own Director Renita Morton 

Is over our Family Services and is the caretaker of her own community gardens with livestock. Starting her own garden to feed her family and starting with just a rooster a couple of chickens. She is now the overseer of a community garden that grows bigger every season. Last season Renita added Garlic, Fresh Herbs in 2023, and other vegetables to this family services garden and a few chicken has turned into over five, with one big happy rooster. So far, she's serving over four families plus her own. The chickens that she nurtures, are for the purpose of providing fresh eggs along side of

fresh vegetables and Herbs that she provides these families with. An added treat to those families that she aids through her family services program. With her heart to serve, she is indeed a blessing to Refuge1 and we are proud to have Renita Morton as our Director over families services, here at Refuge.     

Graphics Designer

Refuge1s' very own

Graphics Designer/Marketing Agent 


Heather Ganser 


She is also the overseer of  

"Moontail Creations"

Refuge1s' sister organization,

where she creates all-natural specialty candles and much more

which can be found in our Fundraising Corner


Refuge1s' very own I/T Specialist, Computer Programmer and software specialist  


Avian Morningstar

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